How It Works

How it Works

The At Ease approach uniquely blends osteopathic methods with traditional physiotherapy, providing a comprehensive treatment that encompasses muscles, nerves, and other connective tissues.

By delving into a patient’s entire injury history, this method often addresses older traumas to enhance overall adaptability. The treatment employs precise, gentle techniques that activate a healing response in the nervous system, fostering improved movement.

Each session is paired with tailored exercises for sustained benefits. Moreover, At Ease Physiotherapy champions a collaborative approach, partnering with various healthcare professionals for holistic care.

The At Ease approach integrates physiotherapy with osteopathic techniques to address more than just muscles.

Techniques that address the nerves, dura, internal organs, blood vessels, fascia and other connective tissues are applied to create a supportive, healing response in your nervous system. This healing response makes a reset in your nervous system that helps you move better and sooner. A balanced nervous system enhances recovery from training, work and life, leading to better health and performance.

The At Ease approach takes into account your whole injury history over time and addresses all parts of the body.

Injuries happen, but do not disappear from our body. Injuries, accidents, surgeries, illness and traumas are adapted into the body by the nervous system. It is often the most recent pain or symptom that brings someone to seek care. With this holistic approach to physiotherapy, it may be found that an earlier injury, illness or trauma needs to be addressed first to improve the body’s ability to adapt. At Ease Physiotherapy finds this approach to be highly effective in treating complex and long term symptoms that include pain, muscle imbalance, numbness/ tingling, dizziness, nausea, indigestion headache.

With At Ease physiotherapy you are in good hands.

The difference is in precise and gentle hands on treatment that aims to activate the nervous system in a specific way. In doing so, a response is stimulated in the body that optimizes function. This response continues to work in your body for several weeks and you will be guided to move your body to create new and better movement patterns. Every At Ease Physiotherapy session includes exercises and self releases specific to you to support the hands-on work done in session and move you closer towards your goals.

At Ease Physiotherapy collaborates with many other local healthcare providers including doctors, naturopaths, neuro optometrists, other physiotherapists, massage therapists and more! In complex cases a team approach is required. Please use the contact form to refer a patient.