Welcome to At Ease Physiotherapy


Portrait of Susannah, smiling therapist with long wavy hair.

At Ease Physiotherapy is a specialized physiotherapy practice that takes a whole-body approach with an emphasis on optimizing the function of the nervous system. 

This niche treatment approach integrates gentle hands-on techniques, dry needling, and movement practice. At Ease Physio specializes in treating musculoskeletal injuries, before and after surgery care, concussion, headaches, vertigo, digestive disorders, pelvic disorders, sports injury rehabilitation, and more. At Ease’s mission is to improve and maintain your body’s function and recovery to help you live the active life you desire as long as possible. 

The founder of At Ease Physiotherapy, Susannah, is a trained physiotherapist interested in injury recovery, digestive health, brain health, and nervous system function. Her approach integrates traditional physiotherapy techniques with advanced training through the Barral, Upledger, and Chikly Institutes. Susannah continues to study these methods and will share more about what she learns in the coming years!

At Ease Physiotherapy is located inside Surrey Athletics, where clients can benefit from private treatment rooms in a gym setting, facilitating the transition back to movements they love. At Ease Physiotherapy goes deeper into helping you function better by assessing and treating the body’s nerve, blood vessel, lymphatic, and organ systems, along with the usual muscle, bones and ligament techniques. This holistic approach leads to lasting results and less need for regular dry needling, intramuscular stimulation or joint manipulations. 

Susannah is not just a skilled physiotherapist but also a BC weightlifting athlete and official who enjoys walking, skiing, pilates, salsa dancing, and yoga. 

Look no further if you are looking for a specialized physiotherapy practice that takes a whole-body approach to injury recovery and promotes an active lifestyle that includes strength training, flexibility, and therapeutic movement! Contact us today to book an appointment and start your journey toward optimal health and wellness.