• The Dural layers of the Central Nervous System

    Most people have not heard of the dura, the membranous meningeal layers around the brain and spinal cord. Perhaps you’ve heard of an epidural or maybe even had one. An epidural is an administration of medication just above the outer layer of the dura. The dura itself is an often overlooked and undertreated part of…

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  • Decoding Core Activation: Muscles in Harmony

    Whether you’re lifting an object, reaching for something high, or simply maintaining an upright posture, your core muscles play a crucial role in providing a solid foundation for movement. At Ease Physiotherapy emphasizes functional core activation, ensuring that these muscles work together harmoniously to enhance overall stability and prevent injuries.

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  • Understanding Vestibular Physiotherapy

    Vestibular physiotherapy is a holistic therapy that involves a combination of assessment, education, manual therapy and targeted exercises. Maintaining balance and coordination is a complex task that relies on the seamless interaction of various sensory systems within our body. The vestibular system, located in the inner ear, plays a crucial role in this process. The…

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