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Going to see Susannah is like visiting Ms. Frizzle!

Susannah is a systems thinker and able to explain what is happening with various parts of my body during movement. She understands my body when so many healthcare providers have failed. Susannah’s very gentle techniques are surprisingly effective…

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 I love working with her and am confident she will help keep me active as I age.

Susannah was thorough in her assessment and treatment throughout. She helped keep me calm and focused on what I needed to do to get my knee better. She taught me a lot of really great exercises to maintain good mobility and comfort with my joints…

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Susannah explained to me the relationships between the different areas and systems of the body. The visceral and neural work she does is very gentle and relaxing.

Susannah takes a very unique approach to physiotherapy. I had multiple bad car accidents as a young person that I was able to recover from quite well. In my early 40s I began to be more active with my kids and my shoulder pain that had always been a bit tight with my computer work became unbearable…

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She did a lot of gentle hands on work on my abdominal area that helped me use my core more effectively. Her support and assistance gave me the tools and confidence to return to exercise.

I want to thank Susannah for helping me recover and return to exercise after having my third child. I was scared of returning to exercise as I tried after 3 months and had a lot of leakage and was noticing my abdominals doming outwards during my running and crossfit style workouts…

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