• Why visceral manipulation?

    Viscera refers to internal organs of the body, including the brain, liver, heart, lungs, intestines, bladder and many others. The viscera are key to our survival and basic functioning.

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  • Feel your best

    At Ease Physiotherapy wants you to move often and feel your best. Recall a day of movement where you felt great doing what you love. On these days your movement feels light and effortless. On these days it’s the easy thing to move and keep your body healthy.

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  • Welcome to At Ease Physiotherapy

    At Ease Physiotherapy is a specialized physiotherapy practice that takes a whole-body approach with an emphasis on optimizing the function of the nervous system.  This niche treatment approach integrates gentle hands-on techniques, dry needling, and movement practice. At Ease Physio specializes in treating musculoskeletal injuries, before and after surgery care, concussion, headaches, vertigo, digestive disorders,…

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